Abraham Edery Obituary, MASHAV Agricultural Training Center Former Director Has Passed Away

Abraham Edery Obituary, Death – At this point in time, the prognosis for the news does not look particularly good… We regret to inform you that our former director, Eng. Abraham Edery has passed away. He served in such a capacity here at our company. It is with great regret that we must inform you of this latest development. We feel it is our responsibility to let you know that he has passed away

because he formerly served as our director. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. When he was first starting out in his career as an agronomist, he got his first experience of the professional world through his work at the Volcani Research Institute. Soon after he developed an interest in agricultural extension and capacity building, he joined CINADCO, which is an organization that promotes international agricultural collaboration. CINADCO is an acronym for the Community for International Cooperation in

Agricultural Development. The Committee to Enhance National and International Agricultural Cooperation is what is meant to be referred to when using the abbreviation CINADCO. CINADCO is an acronym that stands for the Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation. This organization’s full name is the Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation. He was

able to work in a variety of positions in a number of countries that are located in Africa and South America thanks to his competence in both French and Spanish. After making the move to the Center, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the director of all four of the departments that were located there. After relocating there, he finally took on all of those tasks; during his time working at Shefayim, he was in charge of the Spanish Division; after working there, he was in command of that division. It was the year 2010 that he made the

decision to resign from his post at the Ministry of Agriculture, where he had been employed for a combined total of 42 years before making the decision to retire. Because a considerable number of us improved our abilities by working alongside him, we are going to show respect for his memory as we continue on with our trip. This is because of the connection we feel with him.